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Volunteering at Cerenety

Exchanging ideas, help, experience and information.
Volunteers are an essential part of day to day life at Cerenety.

We have volunteers throughout the year at Cerenety. They help run the campsite, maintain our facilities, but most importantly the volunteers we have here bring new ideas, create a diverse and interesting environment and there is always someone around to answer your questions. We have green engineers, permaculture students, horse riders, environmental studies graduates and those that are just looking for a new and interesting experience.


Throughout the summer there's always someone here who fancies a game of rounders, a kayak down the canal, a trip to the beach or just having a chat. We have people from all over the world, so there's always interesting things to talk about and compare. Above all, they make Cerenety a fun place to work, live and visit.


If anyone is interested in volunteering at Cerenety, have a look at our HelpX  profile.

Free family holidays

2020.  This year we would like to offer a free family camping holiday to those willing to donate a few hours each day or to help complete an ongoing task.

Ideally this would suit couples with children where one partner would have some experience to offer in the following fields:

Painting & Decorating



Animal Care

Ditch Clearing

Cleaning toilets/litter picking/mucking out stables.

For further details please contact us by email.

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