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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 7 years that Cerenety has been open and from all the camping that we like to do, we've come to understand what's important about a campsite and what information is necessary before you arrive. We hope we've put a comprehensive list of answers here to cover any questions you have. If not, then don't forget you can ask us anything by contacting us.


Do you allow campfires?

Yes we do, in fact we positively encourage them. Bring your own fire wood, or you can buy recycled wood or logs from us for a very small fee. The campsite looks absolutely amazing in the evening with several flickering fires and lots of happy people.


How far is it to town?

It's a lovely 10 minute walk to town (or a 20 minutes stroll). Here you'll find all the shops, pubs, cafes and entertainment. If you would like to drive it will take 2 minutes by car.


How far is it to the beach?

Our campsite is wonderfully located in that it is surrounded by lots of fabulous beaches. It's a 15 minute walk to Summerlease and Crooklets beach in town, a 7 minute walk (we timed it the other day) to our secret Upton Beach and a 40 minute walk to the famous surfing beach of Widemouth. All of these (apart from Upton Beach) you can drive to, and will take no longer than 5 minutes. 


Do you have laundry facilities?

We are an eco campsite so we ask that people use the hand washing facilities located in the toilet an shower block. If you would like to use a washing machine there is a laundrette in town which is inexpensive.


Do you have electric hook-up?

Until the time when we can generate enough of our own electricity on-site, we remain without electric hook-up.


What are the arrival and leaving times?

We have a very relaxed atmosphere at Cerenety Camp Site, therefore we have no fixed arrival or departing times. If you would like to arrive after dark we will help see you to your pitch, and if you would like to get the most from your holiday and leave late on your departure day, this is also no problem.


Can we park our cars next to our tents?

During spring and autumn we are happy for campers to park next to their tents. During the summer months, to create a more safe environment for children and so that our campers have a spacious field to relax, we ask that cars are left in our neighbouring field.


I am arriving by bus, how do i get to Cerenety?

We try to help our campers as much as we possibly can, especially if you're making the effort to hike or cycle here! If we are able, we will pick you or your belongings up from the bus stop, but please arrange this before hand. If not, it is only a short walk from the bus stop to Cerenety. There are also taxis which will bring you here for about £3.50.


I'm hiking to Cerenety and may be a day late arriving, is this ok?

We understand how difficult it is to keep to a strict schedule when you're hiking or cycling, so we try to be as flexible as possible. If you have a mobile and you're able to give us a ring to say you'll be late, that would be great. If you have any problems and you need some help, remember to take our number and we'll do our best to find you or pick you up.


We are hiking along the Coastal Path, how far is the campsite from the path?

From the Widemouth Bay part of the trail, we are only about 10 walk down the hill.


Do you have a map of Bude and Cerenety?

Please click on our 'Visit Us' page for a map of Bude and where Cerenety is located.


What should i bring when camping at Cerenety?

We've made a list of things that we think would enhance your stay at Cerenety (and most other camp sites). Visit the bottom of our 'facilities page' to view it.

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