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Camping and Facilities

At Cerenety we welcome tents and small campervans. The gate is always open to families, hikers, surfers, cyclists and dogs. 


At Cerenety we take all types of tents, small camper vans, awnings and the odd gazebo.

We ask for campers to erect their awnings/gazebos to the front of the tent or van. Unfortunately we have to set a size limit so anything extending up to 5ft will not be charged for however over this limit we will have to cost it as another pitch.

We pride ourselves in not overcrowding our camping fields and ensuring there's lots of space to run around, enjoy the view or to gather around a fire.


We leave open spaces in the camping field  for you to set up games of cricket or boules. Or simply to spread out a blanket and gaze at the sky.


Please look at our tariffs and booking page if you would like to check our prices and find out availability.

Permaculture Forest Garden

Cerenety is committed to researching and trying out sustainable methods, theories and renewable energy technologies. With the incredible wealth of knowledge which arrives with each different volunteer, visitor or friend, we have been able to implement some of these ideas.


Our current project is our forest garden. An eco system high in productivity, but low in maintenance and carbon footprint. It is a self sustaining eco system, which relies on companion planting for things such as nutrient feedback, pest control and the encouragement of pollinators.


Cerenety has researched, been on field trips and sought advice from top researchers to start a productive forest garden which will give fruit, nuts, veg, timber and medicines. 


It's in its early stages but take a look and feel free to ask questions.


Don't forget your marshmallows because open fires, just by your tent are not only allowed but encouraged. We know that campfires are an important part of your camping experience and we wouldn't want you to miss out. They're also a great way to cook your dinner.


You can bring your own firewood, or we often have bags of logs available to purchase.

Don't forget your trivet or grill to put over the fire for cooking / or boiling up water for that first cup of morning coffee.

Toilets and Showers

We have two good pressure, private showers, which are heated by solar panels.

As is the nature of eco camping and the weather in the UK, hot water cannot be guaranteed all of the time, so on these occasions, if you are  prepared to make do without and  settle for a strip down wash, then this is the place for you.


We recommend bringing a flannel and kettle for an old fashioned strip down wash when the weather is particularly bad.

This is the off grid practice and experience,although many people complain we don't have a back up system, if we did, then we'd be failing the ethos.


We have compost toilets based on the Lovable Loo design. Those that are new to them, are usually pleasantly surprised. We have a dedicated team   including volunteers who clean the toilets and showers several times daily.

Don't forget your toilet rolls.


These toilets and showers are fantastic for the environment and take the edge off what would otherwise be wild camping!

The Caravan Cafe 
 (sorry closed for 2019 for         refurbishment)

Hopefully by 2020 we will be on our way seeing an exciting new cafe with a new much needed shelter for those rainy days.

Wildlife Pond and Picnic Area

Frequent visitors to our wildlife pond include a variety of bird species the heron, wild ducks and the odd Canada goose. It also is home to water vole, fish, newts, frogs and a variety of water dwelling insects. 


The nearby picnic tables and benches offer a great place to while away the afternoon.


The reed beds, not only look beautiful but acts as our filtration system for waste water.

Veggie Patch

We invite campers to wonder round our private gardens between 9am and 9pm., where you will find a vegetable patch and wild life pond (this is our quiet area and ask people respect this.) Sit and watch for wild life by the pond or pick your salad for lunch from our Polytunel and pull up some carrots for dinner in our vegetable garden, providing we have successful crops It produces a range of 'in season' food for you to enjoy. We run this on a donation basis, with a honesty box in the garden. 

Let us know if you want to borrow a basket.

Rent our Dutch Oven 

Fancy a delicious stew, a hearty soup or a sumptuous curry. Cook any 'one-pot-meal' in our Dutch oven over your own campfire.


We're practically experts on 'one-pot-meals' at Cerenety, so if you want any recipes, ideas or ingredients from the veggie patch just ask us. Candy always says 'We're a one-pot group'.


It's a great healthy and sociable way to have dinner in the evenings.


Renting the Dutch oven is F.O.C with a refundable deposit of £20.

What to Bring

There are some items that we recommend as a 'Cerenety Camping List'.


  1. Tent 

  2. Sleeping bag

  3. Roll Mat / Thermorest

  4. Warm clothes

  5. Eco soap / disinfectant

  6. Hand / bath towel

  7. Toilet rolls (no non-biodegradable wipes please)

  8. Wash bag

  9. Camping kettle

  10. Cooking trivet 

  11. decent footwear

  12. Torch

  13. First Aid

  14. Travel Insurance

  15. Games (we have a few here to borrow)

  16. Camera

  17. Children .... Wellies /biodegradable nappies/ bat & ball/ sun lotion



At Cerenety we like to encourage children, to enjoy nature, protect the environment and spend time away from phones and computers. For this reason there are number of ways that children can play at Cerenety while learning about their surroundings. 

 We park cars in a separate area and arrange our tent pitches around the edges of the fields giving freedom and safety for children whilst under the watchful eye of their parents.


To allow this level of freedom at Cerenety to continue please be aware that your children are your responsibility and must be under parent supervision at all times. This means that games of cricket, wildlife exploration, leap frog and animal petting will be able to continue for Cerenety's future  camper's.

Cerenety has some great friends in and around Bude so, whether you're interested in surf lessons, leather workshops, horse riding or something different, we;d be happy to recommend.

There are so many other things to do and places to see around Cerenety, so take a look at our 'Around Cerenety' page for some ideas.

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