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Cerenety Eco Campsite was created in order to promote sustainable living, a love for animals, making the most of the outdoors and simply having fun. Family run, with the help of volunteers, we have as much fun working at Cerenety as you will staying here. 



At Cerenety we're continually striving to create a unique experience for our campers. Cerenety is all about limiting our impact on the environment. To achieve this we creatively up-cycle, turn our hands to some green building and appraise innovative technology.

Cerenety is guided by enthusiastic people. We love to camp. We're all happy to be here and we hope that this shows in the friendly atmosphere and obvious love for the site. We'll try to answer any questions you have, for example if you asked 'Can we have a ball to take to the beach please?' in this case, the answer would be 'Yes'. Between us we have a lot of knowledge on local surf beaches, great picnic spots and the best place for a relaxing pint.


Food is important at Cerenety, whether you want to cook on an open fire, use our BBQ, buy breakfast from our tiny cafe or pick your own salad from our vegetable patch, it's likely that you'll eat well on your holiday.


We want our campers to have their own slice of nature, so we never pitch people in front of each other and there is always plenty of space to run around, just like the golden days of camping.




Cerenety was established through good fortune and happy days. A local farmer, Mr Miller, remembered a girl who played in the hedges and clambered over the hay bales on his land. When he came to sell his farm he offered these fields to our family knowing the memories they held. Seven years later, here we are.


We're just some of the many people who have poured their time and energy into making Cerenety what it is today. 


The hard work and fun which has gone into establishing the campsite has made Cerenety a friendly and enjoyable place to work and play.




We have a rather strange collection of animals. Most of which we have rescued and some of which we simply couldn't live without.


It all started with Tipsy, our rabbit and everything grew from there. We now have horses and ponies, alpacas, friendly sheep, goats, chickens, tortoises, cats and Flipper the dog. They're all very hungry so anybody who wants to help at feeding time, is more than welcome;but please remember not to feed them without a member of staff present.


Our family is always changing shape, during the spring time we usually have our own lambs born at Cerenety.

Sometimes these lambs need to be bottle fed and campers, old or young, are welcome to join in. 

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