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Our Animals


Red is our rescue ex-race horse.

When Red arrived he was very sick. He was underweight, with foot and teeth problems and a heart condition. 


Red was neglected due to his lack of racing ability. If you google his race history, he came last in every one! Apparently he was too interested in the crowd.


He's now healthy and happy, living out his life at Cerenety with lots of love and attention. Red is one of our most successful rescue stories and he is very special to everyone at Cerenety.


Torry is our steel grey Welsh Mountain Pony

He is incredibly friendly, loves a cuddle and will eat almost anything (even if he isn't allowed!). We currently breaking him in to be ridden and to pull a small cart. Our aim is to have him pull a cart of wood around to all our campers in the evening to kick start your campfires.

He's a wonderful little pony, full of mischievous personality. He'll also shake your hand for some nibbles!


Lu Lu and Jacqueline are our tortoises

Lu Lu and Jacqueline came to Cerenty when they were 10 years old. Tortoises can live to about 100 so they'll be staying happily at Cerenty for many years to come.


They're very friendly and they'll let you pat their head and stroke them under their chin. They love fruit and vegetables. They hibernate over winter and are very happy to sun bake during the spring and summer.


Nanna is our Rescue Toy Miniature Shetland Pony.

Nanna only stands about three foot from the ground. We bought her from a local farmer's market where all the ponies were being rounded up. She was scared of everybody when she first arrived, but she has had so much attention that she now loves a good cuddle and the odd apple. 


She is a tiny pony with a huge personality and even puts Red in his place sometimes.


She loves to gather all the children from the camping field for animal feeding time.


Raffles is our rescue Rag Doll Cat

Raffles is possible the most friendly cat in the world. He loves to be picked up, cuddled, sit on your lap or even perch on your head if you let him!


Raffles and his brother Holmes was very ill when they were kittens. Their breeders were unable to look after them and make them better. After many vet visits and a lot of food, Raffles and Holmes are healthy, happy cats who love to make friends with everybody. 


Raffles is so special that many of our campers threaten to take him home with them!

Caramel & Junket are our friendly Sanaan goats.

Caramel is one of our most productive and well behaved animals. Every morning and evening she comes in to be milked and jumps up on her milking stand happily.


Junket is still young, we're hoping that she'll be covered this year. Baby goats are adorable and will follow you around wherever you go.


Habibti is another of our rescue Rag Doll cats.

She arrived at Cerenety petrified of humans, dogs, other cats and anything that moved. She previously worked as a breeding queen and was very malnourished when she came here. 


Although very independent, she is now happy to wander around the land, will sit next to you whilst you have a cuppa and will even endure a short cuddle.


Sid is the best sheep in the whole entire world!

Sid is one of our very first orphan lambs along with Fred and Nancy. They have been here since the beginning and we could never bring ourselves to part with them. As lambs we coaxed bottle fed them and coaxed them through the first few months of life. 


They are unbelievably tame. Sid will gallop up to you when you enter his field and lovingly rub his head against your leg until you give him lots of attention.


Rupert is our rescue chunky and handsome moorland colt.

He's a young and mischievous boy with oodles of personality. Rupert was being sold at Holsworthy horse market, where nobody wanted him and he was to meet a sticky end.


We simply couldn't let him go that way and we bought him for a measly 50p. We're now breaking him in to be ridden and he's learning very quickly. Rupert is a beautiful boy, full of character and he seems to be able to jump anything!


Jack was our rescue baby crow

Jack fell out of his nest as a baby bird and his mother was no where to be found. We kept Jack in a hat box and cared for him. We fed him cooked egg and mealworms with chop sticks and we successfully raised him through to adolescence. Several flying lessons later he took off into the skies. 


We sometimes see Jack flying around Cerenety, he is one of our many success stories of rescue and rehabilitation. 


Every spring we have our own spring lambs 

Nancy and Heidi, our 2 female pet sheep have babies every spring. As their mum's a so tame, the lambs are pretty friendly too.


It's wonderful to see them frolicking around the field in the sunshine.




Dog, Duck and Lion...... the Ducks

The most comical ducks in town. 

Dog, duck and lion, named by friends, volunteers and visiting students are our three Indian runner ducks. Aside from keeping the pests down in our forest garden and providing us with wonderfully delicious duck eggs, they also make us smile every day as they briskly waddle around Cerenety. 


August 24th 2019  Ducks are sitting on eggs now, fingers crossed.





 The rabbit, famous for well.... his softness

Softie, oddly enough was being sold at a poultry market surrounded by a range of chickens, ducks, geese and the occasional turkey. Softie was originally called Bunny (pronounced with a French accent) but after some confusion was re-named by general consensus and our visiting campsite children.


He loves the odd carrot,  




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